Jewelry Care

Basic Jewelry Care

When wearing jewelry, you must clean and care for them regularly,  just as you wash make-up brushes and maintain your car!

For starters, avoid wearing any jewelry in the shower, hot tub, chlorinated pool and saltwater. Those elements break down pearls and silk cording, peel off plated finishes, attack alloy in metal (including precious metal such as gold and platinum) which can cause cracks overtime. Also soap and shampoo can accumulate and cause jewelry to look dull until it's cleaned off.

Put on jewelry last, after you have put on make up, used hairspray and perfume to avoid chemicals making contact with jewelry. When you get home, take off all your jewelry in a ring dish and jewelry holder. This way you won't lose them and accidentally crush them. Also, it will keep them out of your pets' and children's reach.

If you are expecting to do strenuous activities, leave your jewelry at home. You wouldn't wear an expensive and delicate pair of heels through hiking! Metal and gemstones are tough, but not indestructible. The better care you take, the longer it will last.

In-Depth Jewelry Care

Prongs and precious metals, in general, wear over time and may require restoration work as part of regular maintenance. Think of an engagement ring; you wear it everyday and the ring makes contact with your environment constantly, even when you don't notice. That will cause setting to wear down little by little. In several years, you will probably need to have prongs "re-tipped" or built up with extra metal. It is your responsibility to properly take care of your jewelry in order to avoid losing or damaging your stones. A rule of thumb is having fine jewelry set with stones deep cleaned and checked at least every 6 months, or more frequently if you have delicate setting. Set a reminder each time you get your teeth cleaned and get your jewelry cleaned too.

When a piece of jewelry breaks or needs adjustments, such as crack in metal, loose stones and earring hinge that does not click in anymore, take it to a reputable local jeweler for a quote. Aside from serious repairs or overhaul, some jewelers offer free cleaning, checking stones and minor adjustments. Call beforehand and find out if they charge or not. This is industry standard, so don’t feel shy about asking!

A common myth is that ultrasonic cleaner can shake and loosen stones. Costume jewelry with glued in stones or plated materials should not go in ultrasonic cleaner. Otherwise, if the stones in jewelry were set correctly to begin with, and not set with glue, that should not happen.

We sell polishing cloths and jewelry cleaner (coming soon). When used properly for each material, it will keep your jewelry shiny and clean. In a pinch, try this: hot water + non-detergent mild soap + soft toothbrush. Focus on crevices and underside where most dirt collects. Use polishing cloths to remove shallow scratches and bring shine back to the surface. Clean jewelry as often as you need.

If you are planning to travel with jewelry, have a dedicated pouch to protect them. Do not throw them in the bottom of your purse. Look for our awesome jewelry travel bags (coming soon).