Our Story


Photo taken @hoteladeline
We love jewelry. We love wearing, learning any knowledge about, designing/creating pieces and caring for them. We love people too. We are passionate about people, building new relationships and making people feel comfortable. This mutual love for jewelry and people led us to create a company that will provide not only great jewelry, but also a wonderful experience.

Modern Mood Jewelry is always designing for our own line of jewelry, which is eco-conscious and skin allergy-conscious and focuses on classic, timeless and simple, easy to wear pieces. We are also constantly unearthing up-and-coming designers, giving each designer a chance to grow with Modern Mood and bringing them to you.

Everyone is different, from looks to personalities to preferences. We know this and we will help you find something that is truly you and unique, and that you will love while being effortlessly fashionable. We will be happy to pitch in if you ever need a style advice or any question at all. Truly, just send us a note and we will be there for you.

If you ever feel lost or down, you can start your day with a freeing and happy question to yourself: "What mood am I in to wear today?" as you reach for your personal collection of accessories!

Monica Bern & Michelle Ma
Modern Mood Jewelry

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