Our Story

Monica and Michelle were on their way back to Phoenix from the Tucson Gem Show. They had been sent on a scouting mission by their boss. He had given them a small budget to find trendy items in hopes to keep up with the latest styles and designs for the jewelry store they worked at together. Little did they know that the trip would turn out to be much more than a shopping excursion!

As they cruised back, they gushed over how well they worked together on the short trip. Their creative energies and personalities melded together so seamlessly, it was as if they had been friends for years!

Having hours to talk, they realized they had been missing something crucial in their lives: a sense of purpose and passion. The work environment they were in left them unfulfilled and spiritually empty.

Michelle had always dreamed of starting her own jewelry business, but didn't know where to start. That is, until she had her "aha" moment on the drive back. "Monica," she said, turning to her new found friend, "will you be my business partner?" 

She popped the question!

Monica was stunned! She had spent years studying gemology at GIA, and had grown tired of appraising other people's jewelry. She longed for the freedom to let her own creative vision shine through. When Michelle asked her to be her partner, it was a dream come true.

Together, they started Modern Mood Body Jewelry, which gave them the freedom to create beautiful and unique designs. And that is how two gemstone-loving gals found their sparkle and started the business you see today.